Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club Sunday XI squad

Sunday XI

Captain : Jon Cuff

Sod off!

Vice Captain : Steve Gauke

Ex -Club Chairman and all round good onion. Loves a tough pre match warm up.
Peter Boughton
Promising youngster (1964) - still to fulfill potential. Right hand bat but occasionally uses left as well. Comments on bowling have been censored.
Stuart Boulter
Fast bowler & frustrated opening batsman!
Alex Burman
Former No. 1 Regulator in Suffolk and West London. Walk of shame specialist. Bowls rockets and also enjoys the 90% sugar in VK's. The King of Roehampton university, loves to go egg chasing in the winter, mixed with consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Has a very good sliced right shot on a par 3. Naturally gifted at most sports!!
Steve Catchpole
Right Arm Medium Bowler
Rand Hand Bat
Nathan Scarff
Joined in 2016, and immediately is in the running for the duck bat. Kit is most likely to be found hidden around the club. Supplier of 20 Chicken Nuggs for members who played a dodgy raincard. Certainly can't handle a beer! TERRIBLE FIELDER, AVERAGE BLOKE
David Searle


Don't ask him about South African rugby 

Jamie Smith
Third team skipper
On the social committee
On the cricket committee
Sponsorship co-ordinator
4 children, 80 hours a week work, play football, golf, cricket and at least 4 times a week at home they call him

Henry Wilkinson
the Doc, getting older by the day, but thoroughly enjoying my re-introduction to cricket since joining the club. house full of keen cricketers, Soo (wife) captain of the ladies and coaches the girls, Flo plays for the ladies and for U15 Suffolk girls, Archie in the U15s and plays for south Suffolk district. Me, the only one that hasn't had any form of try-out for suffolk! like a magners if you're offering near the bar!
Olly Williams

Will often be found arguing with someone or moaning. Regularly shells easy chances as the worst fielder at the club. Developing pie chucker

Scott Wootton
Wicket Keeper, right hand bat, always got one eye on Toby Allerton, club serial killer. Now developed an aversion to pre match warm ups, preferring a long walk to the village shop. Loves his kip and will take the chance to get 40 winks anywhere he can - doesn't mind dribbling on furniture and annoying everyone with his loud snoring.
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