Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club 2nd XI squad

2nd XI

Captain : Felix Ward

This little whippersnapper whilst not appearing in reality TV, has talent to burn. Tremendous timer of a cricket ball and former fielding liability has grown to a serious fielder. Wants to work in London and earn lots of money (who doesn't?).

Poor choice in clothing, ought to look for corderoys and sensible shirts in future.

Vice Captain : Matt Wareing

Joined the Crusaders this season, left arm bowler, a proper number 11!
Current coach of the under 15's/ ladies sides.
James East
Right Arm Very Slow Bowler,
Right Hand Bat ( Leading Run Scorer )
Chief Sledger,
Most Disliked Player at the Club,
Senior Pro, 
Most likely to upset somebody for no reason.
Nicknames:- Nose, Rash, Dobbie, Smeegle, The Model, Copdock's Harris.

Apart from the above, Nose has excelled over the past two years, he's given up coca cola, lost weight, found Adele and scored some key runs.

Following the trauma of two lung collapses, James' first wicket back was a fine leg side stumping from Andy Burch. He hasn't been able to play the par 3 10th at Purdis properly since. 

James' acting career has progressed after starring as an extra in band of brothers, he played Gollum in the Twin Towers but wasn't asked back for upsetting too many people. Never recovered from a rejection for Schindlers List.

A regular cheater, will try and get one up in any scenario. Picks his nose and eats it sometimes. Always in trouble at school. Inferior sibling. Failed batmaker.
John East
Fatting out ex first team Championship winning captain. Led the club through the dark days and into the promised land of championship glory. Was there at the start, through the Hand shaking out of the window at Colchester and the car park IES chase.

In hindsight, probably the cause of most trouble - beautifully palmed this off on Nose. Clever and devious.

Slowest bowler to ply his trade post Crimean war. Tactically brilliant, poor speed, safe hands at slip.
Steve Gauke
Ex -Club Chairman and all round good onion. Loves a tough pre match warm up.
Archie Gravell
Most talented player at the club. Voted man with worst hair in last decade. 

Poor hair, but minor counties appearances. A true oddball, big season beckons with a chance to put pressure on the Suffolk selector(s?).

Sponsored by Birketts LLP.
Tom Jenkin
house wives favourite. Club Graphic designer. An interesting story about banana's floating around from his youth. Was a spinner, now an opening batsman, servere on anything short. Another very nice man!
Jack Mexome
Extremely talented player, hits mega bombs, will play 1's at some point. Stay clear when he's out, he's a bat, helmet and glove thrower! 
Donald Mlambo

Batting All-Rounder 


Jason Pembroke

Joined from Mistley for the 2017 Season

Brings the average IQ of the team up above 50, recently voted best number 11 in the country, moves well in the field, terrible chat, enjoys cheesecake.

Aka: The scientist, Fridge, The Rabbit Catcher.

Nathan Scarff
Joined in 2016, and immediately is in the running for the duck bat. Kit is most likely to be found hidden around the club. Supplier of 20 Chicken Nuggs for members who played a dodgy raincard. Certainly can't handle a beer! TERRIBLE FIELDER, AVERAGE BLOKE
Reuben Sharpe
Opening bat, great net bowler now and again... Mostly scores daddy teens... Electric in the field. 
Kathy Stanes

Head of HR for Copdock & OI CC

Active volunteer for the Club

Hugh Thomas
Former lower order thrasher, now dour and dull opening batsmen with limited ability. Suspect against good bowling.

Up and coming new ball bowler, though needs to shift a stone and discover a group of muscles also known as a core.
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