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Membership Fees

Membership Fees

At this year’s  AGM, the Executive Committee was asked to look into and address the declining numbers of adult members. As part of the measures to do so, we felt that it was appropriate to adjust the balance between upfront and ongoing costs so that the contribution of adult members more accurately reflects the number of games in which they play.

 The Executive Committee is also aware that the numbers of junior members transitioning to adult membership is not as high as the club would like it to be. There is a tail-off in numbers in school year 11. Whilst many factors are at play here, such as exam commitments in the playing season, we would like to address this issue, whilst recognising that our offering to some of our year 11-13 members is not as substantial, in terms of fixtures, as that to our younger juniors. It was decided therefore to re-categorise junior members in years 11-13 as ‘students’ and hence to reduce their membership fees.

Finally, we have limited the increase in the cost of junior membership to below 5% and have kept the cost of girls membership unchanged. It should be noted these fees include (i) all junior match fees, (ii) Sunday training and (iii) free social membership for parents/guardians of all junior members.

The following fees apply to club membership for the 2018 season. 

Senior Membership Fees for the 2018 season

    Playing Adult                  £55 
    Unemployed                          £40 
    Student  yr 11+                  £40
    Ladies                      £40 
    Social                     £30 

Senior Match Fees for the 2018 season

    Adult Match Fee                      £12 per game   
    All others playing in a senior match                     £8 per game 
    Midweek T20 Match Fee                  £5 per game


Junior Membership and Coaching Fees 

     Boys up to & incl yr 10 Annual Membership                     £115
     Girls up to & incl yr 10 Annual Membership                     £75
     Junior Match Fees                     £0

Please note - Junior members playing in an adult game will incur a £8 match fee (£5 for a midweek T20 game)

Family Discount
To support the growing family element within the Club the following retrospective discounts will apply: 

    Second Member                                          5% Discount on Total Paid
    Third Member                                          10% Discount on Total Paid
    Fourth Member                                          12% Discount on Total Paid

All partners of senior members, and all parents and guardians of junior members will automatically be granted free associate/social membership of the club.

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