Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club Copdock T20 XI squad

Copdock T20 XI

Captain : Oliver Williams

Will often be found arguing with someone or moaning. Regularly shells easy chances as the worst fielder at the club. Developing pie chucker

Vice Captain : Sam Webb-Snowling

wicket-keeper batsmen

Regularly enjoys multiple VK's and the exotice nightlife of Leeds. Soon going to be married to Hugo. Can be seen on Sunday mornings asleep before junior training, sleeping off a 'Lit' night out in Unit! #HoldTight
Jack Mexome
Extremely talented player, hits mega bombs, will play 1's at some point. Stay clear when he's out, he's a bat, helmet and glove thrower! 
Donald Mlambo

Batting All-Rounder 


Tim Percival

Right hand, top-order batter. 

Nathan Scarff
Joined in 2016, and immediately is in the running for the duck bat. Kit is most likely to be found hidden around the club. Supplier of 20 Chicken Nuggs for members who played a dodgy raincard. Certainly can't handle a beer!
Matthew Searle

Left-hand batsman,

Right-arm GAS,

Has mitts as hands and the greatest underarm throw, now following Burman to Roey. Lover of free stash. Most likely to sledge a batsman out.


Reuben Sharpe
Opening bat, great net bowler now and again... Mostly scores daddy teens... Electric in the field. 
Chris Swallow
Since Chris came back to the club in a move like Shearer to Tyneside and the first team has progressed at an alarming rate since. The team began to prepare properly since his arrival and it is fair to say that the correlation between serial chokers and as nose would say wegular winners has followed since.

It did take years after the comeback to score his first hundred, after 58 scores between 30-40. Cavalier and exciteable, pidge is often the innovater.

So exciteable that jenko mocked up a Peter Pan a-likey and the similarities are uncanny.

Played at Lords, DIY badger and bats in sunhat.
Archie Wilkinson

Legendary leg spinner
Mr.Olympia candidate 2014
Severely underrated googly

Drinks pints of Jager for breakfast followed by 10 recovery fags

Flashes his barb and hits absolute bombs including one into a house at Sudbury. But has been exiled to Hadleigh...!

Now learning to jump on people's back in London to earn bare dollar. Voms after consecutively necking 10 Smirnoff Ices. 


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