Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club Sponsors 2021 squad

Richard Foyster
Dad of Freddie Foyser, one of the rascals. I'm a cricket nut - unfortunately with no talent at all.
Martin Holland
Dutch is one of the most uncompetitive characters on a cricket field who is never really bothered about the result, doesn't like to be too involved in the action and doesn't really mind if he wins or loses - Yeah right !!!!!
Chris Swallow
Since Chris came back to the club in a move like Shearer to Tyneside and the first team has progressed at an alarming rate since. The team began to prepare properly since his arrival and it is fair to say that the correlation between serial chokers and as nose would say wegular winners has followed since.

It did take years after the comeback to score his first hundred, after 58 scores between 30-40. Cavalier and exciteable, pidge is often the innovater.

So exciteable that jenko mocked up a Peter Pan a-likey and the similarities are uncanny.

Played at Lords, DIY badger and bats in sunhat.
Martin Taylor
Right Hand Bat
Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler