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Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club - Pavilion Improvement Fundraiser

Hospitality Extension Project

Below is a video made by our fundraising team to detail the Copdock Canopy project as a whole and also the ways in which you can get involved to help.

How can I help?

Please click on the images below to get involved and help the Copdock Canopy project in a number of different ways

Last season, due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place at the beginning of the season, the club hired a semi-permanent marquee to cover the patio area outside the pavilion, in order to provide covered outdoor hospitality. 

Hospitality has become a large part of life at the cricket club, especially during busy times such as Friday Night & Sunday Morning Junior training days. 

By building a permanent canopy over the patio area, it will allow us to support 50-60 people, under cover, whatever the weather. The canopy would also increase the clubs capacity to house large numbers of people for big events such as club dinners, award presentations etc. 

Additionally, beginning in the winter of 2021, Achillies Youth Football are playing their games on the site. The canopy would provide a covered area for spectators to shelter from adverse weather, as well as support hospitality.   

The PCA England Legends game is seen as our primary fundraising event for 2022. All proceeds from the game will go towards improving our current facilities. The more money we raise, the more improvements can be made!