Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

People First

People First

People will always be at the heart of what we do at Copdock and OI's. We are truly lucky to have a dedicated hard core of people who give up so much of their own time to make things happen.

Moving forward though we need to develop both the numbers and the skill levels of our volunteer and professional workforce if we are to meet the demands of running one of the biggest and most dynamic clubs in the area.

Our biggest priorities in the year ahead are about getting more people involved, be it on a sub committee, volunteering or even holding office, and to give those people the training they need to perform those roles. Thus our priorities for the the people agenda for the year ahead are:
  • Exploring all options to find new ways to get more people involved in volunteering at the club
  • Maintain our employer system and process to support the professional role requirements needed for the coming season
  • Deliver professional development, particulary in the area of coach education to ensure we have a team of the calibre and size required

All of our People Agenda will take place within the ECB Clubmark framework to ensure we do the right things for the right reason. 

If you would like to get involved in any way in helping at the Club please contact Keith Cracknell,