Copdock & Old Ipswichian Cricket Club

Club Management

Club Management

As our club evolves and grows, so the need for change and evolution in the way we run the club becomes and inevitable part of our progression. The link below illustrates how we would like the management of the Club to be structured;

Club Structure

This structure is based around the principle of delegating specific areas of responsibility to a series of sub committees. The Exec Committee still maintains overall responsibility, but each sub committee deals with the day to day running of their respective areas. In 2008/09 we took massive steps towards implementing this structure, and this was a key factor in helping us to achieve much of what we have.

However, there is still work to be done on this and our priorities for 2017 will be;

  • To ensure the Fundraising Committee is fully populated and fulfilling its key roles.
  • To review the legal status of the Club to ensure we are operating in the best way possible.
  • To ensure effective succession management is in place.
  • To encourage greater involvement from a greater number of people.

If you would like to get more involved in the running of the Club please contact Keith Cracknell,